Our Story

Every apple tree is precious and every apple has a tale to tell.

Cider making is a mixture of arboriculture, creativity, hard work, patience, and a huge dose of fun.Β  You can’t make great cider without having fun & being constantly in awe of the magic and science involved in the process.

James Williams has been making cider for over 10 years, initially as a keen amateur, then in 2018 he decided to take his passion and created Yoxall Cider as aΒ  business.

The goal was to create a smooth, rich, truly apple tasting, handmade, artisan cider using local apples, honouring the tried and tested traditional techniques, but using modern methodology and equipment to produce an exceptional product.


The Philosophy behind Yoxall Cider is simple, we believe every apple tree is precious and has a tale to tell. With so many beautiful, healthy and delicious local apples going to waste, the team behind Yoxall Cider have made it their mission to collect and use as many of them as possible.

Our orchard is everyone else’s back garden. We also source the best traditional cider apples from a specialist grower in Herefordshire to ensure the perfect balance is achieved.

It takes almost 12 months to produce our cider so we hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we have enjoyed making it.